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Who is John Coulter?

I truly have an "attitude of gratitude" as I have been blessed in so many ways! Let me tell you in the few paragraphs below who I really am:

I am a husband and father-

I have been married to my beautiful wife Muriel for 43 years and we have raised 4 wonderful children. Muriel and I share a love for travel and have traveled America and the world more than we ever thought possible. I have made a point of passing my love of hunting on to my children.

I was a career high school teacher-

I was a career high school teacher and I often talked about my hunting in the classroom. I raised 4 wonderful children and taught them to hunt. My son Andy who is pictured with a huge Wyoming Mt. Lion below is still chasing his hunting dreams and is currently a hunting outfitter based in Spearfish, South Dakota. My wife has taught elementary special education for 40 years and is still teaching!

I am a dedicated conservationist-

I have been involved with FNAWS and MN-WI FNAWS since their earliest beginnings. I served as the President of the MN-WI FNAWS for over 15 years and helped raised millions of dollars for conservation. I still serve on their boar of directors. I am also a life member of Safari Club, Wyoming FNAWS, Iowa FNAWS, Utah FNAWS and the Rocky Mt. Bighorn Society. Four years I was asked to help with the national effort to control wolf populations and still work for BIG GAME FOREVER the Utah based national organization primarily responsible for getting them delisted and hunted.

I am a lifelong hunter!

I grew up on a small farm in southwestern Minnesota hunting ducks and pheasants when not doing chores. I have hunted since I can remember and have taken 11 North American Wild Sheep and have been on 14African safaris, all on a teachers income.



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