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African Safaris

Contact me to be part of June and July 2009 safaris to South Africa and Namibia! You will be fully escorted by John and Muriel Coulter if you choose to join our group in 2009.

South Africa and Namibia are safe and very modern countries, the perfect vacation for your entire family!! Pictured above is our son Andy with his great impala.

Accommodations and service are always first-rate when you travel with John and Muriel Coulter on African safari! From daily laundry service, to incredible gourmet meals, you will never forget your first Africa hunting adventure!

The amounts and variety of African Big Game animals are enough to make your head spin. Regardless of your budget, I can help you plan and make your African hunting dreams come true!!

You will be hunting with African outfitters that are the personal friends of John and Muriel Coulter! Everything will be taken care of for you. YOUR SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS will be our primary concern when you use our services.



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