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June 2011 South African Hunting Safari and tour of Capetown
Going on safari to South Africa is easy, inexpensive and safe. Once you go you will return again and again. Muriel and I have led 14 small groups to Africa and never tire of going. June of 2011 found Muriel and I escorting Ron and Carolyn Hagemeyer of New London, Minnesota and Mike and Pat Fisher of Windom, Minnesota to South Africa to hunt and tour for two full weeks. I am certain they will tell you that it was one of the nicest trips they ever took!


The word SAFARI conjures up adventure and romance. Accommodations on a typical plains game safari to South Africa or Namibia are first class. A hunting camp like this is often the norm. My wife Muriel loves going on safari as much as I do! Bring your significant other. You will share the adventure of a lifetime!

Having spent a good portion of my life sheep hunting, I am used to roughing it. There is absolutely no roughing it when it comes to a plains game safari in South Africa or Namibia. Cold and wet tents and long hunting trips away from my wife are definitely in my past. The adventure, comfort and romance of hunting in South Africa or Namibia is something my wife and I plan on sharing for years to come!

Ron Hagemeyer of New London, Minnesota and his wife Carolyn trusted Hunt Bud Consulting for their first safari. Ron is an excellent shot and with his wife Carolyn encouraging him at every moment, Ron cleanly and quickly dispatched 18 different species including this great Waterbuck.




Hunting in Africa at times can be physically demanding. Ron Hagemeyer took this heavy horned male Gemsbok or Oryx after a hard climb and tricky shot in difficult rock. The animal had to be dressed, butchered and carried down from it's lofty hiding place. Ron now has a trophy to remember that he really earned!

Mike Fisher has hunted a great deal in his life. He has taken a North American Grand Slam of Wild Sheep. He has hunted Tanzania, but was alone. I am certain Mike will tell you bringing his wife Pat to South Africa on a safari escorted by Hunt Bud Consulting was one of the most romantic and memorable trips that he and Pat have ever shared. Mike is pictured at left with a very nice specimen of the elusive Mountain Reedbuck.

Pat Fisher enjoys hunting just as much as Mike and has taken many trophy animals herself. Pat really loved her first ever safari and quickly and cleanly harvested several trophies including this beautiful Blue Wildebeest.

Many of the plains game animals are elusive, challenging and relatively inexpensive to hunt. The trophy fee for this majestic Impala was only $450!

My wife Muriel and I have shared 14 safaris. I am proud to tell you Muriel is 62 years of age and I really believe adventure and travel has kept her young. Go hunting while you are physically able. Typically after an 8-day safari we escort our safari hunters to Capetown, South Africa which was voted in 2011 the number one tourist destination in the entire world! In this photo Muriel stands high atop famous Table Mountain with Table Bay in the background.

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