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Ron Hagemeyer is a good friend who has hunted with me several times over the years. In September of 2010 we journeyed to Colorado and Ron took this great 7 X 7 elk. Congratulations Ron on the trophy of a lifetime!

Roger Donahue and I took a western safari in Colorado and Wyoming in September. Roger took this great herd bull who had 30 cows in his harem. On our western safari Roger also took a great American Buffalo and a record book book Pronghorn Antelope. No one loves the adventure and chase of big game hunting more than Roger Donahue!

A quality American Buffalo hunt is the adventure of a lifetime. We saw hundreds of bulls and had a difficult time deciding which one to take. Once a big bull is on the ground you really begin to appreciate the hunting abilities and skills of the American Indian!

I helped jim Field who often hunts pheasants with us in South Dakota book an elk hunt in New Mexico this past year. Jim took this fine bull after looking over many trophies!

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